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Saturday, June 27, 2015

Unique Tunique Pullover from Colorful Crochet Lace

The time is drawing near! The Colorful Crochet Lace release date is not until July 24, 2015, but I have been given permission by the publisher (Interweave Press / F+W) to go ahead and start posting some of the projects in the book.

 The first one I want to share is the Tunique Unique Pullover. We did a French theme for the book and decided to give the projects French names or words. I love the outdoor setting of the book. Photo shoot was in Denver, Colorado at various places - gardens, coffee shop and a sidewalk cafe. This top will be flattering on anyone - I wrote the pattern for sizes XS -3X & there are NO increases or decreases! # 2 Sport weight yarn (Rowan wool / cotto fingering), was usedan for this projet. Let me know what you think!

Pullover design by Mary Jane Hall /  image copyright by Joe Hancock

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Pre-Order Colorful Crochet Lace & Receive Bonus Pattern Now!

If you have considered ordering my newest book, Colorful Crochet Lace, maybe I can temp you today to go ahead and do that. Pre orders are very important in the success of the book and so the publisher, Interweave Press, and I are offering the pattern for one of the projects in the book to anyone who pre orders it before the release date of July 24, 2015. If you go to the Amazon link, order the book, and email me (maryjanehall@gmail.com) a screen shot of your receipt for the order, I will immediately send you the whole pattern, photos, diagrams and all for the Tres Chic Neckwarmer in PDF form.
A neckwarmer may not sound all that special, but this is one of my favorite designs of the whole collection. Many of the garments call for # 3 - dk, # 2 - sport or # 1 - fingerings wt yarns, but this one calls for a # 4 - medium worsted wt yarn. If you love texture, as I do, you would not be disappointed! The Tres Chic Neckwarmer, a 1 piece wrap style with button closure, is shown buttoned at the side of the neck and also turned and buttoned in front as a caplet style. I give additional instructions on how to make the wrap style neckwarmer into a larger (wider and longer) wrap style shawl. This one is sure to keep you warm!

Some may want to throw tomatoes at me since it's still only June, but order the book now, receive the Tres Chic Neckwarmer pattern today and get a head start on your Christmas gifts! I thank you in advance for helping me out with this!

Link HERE to order Colorful Crochet 
Lace on Amazon 
Take a peak inside!


Thursday, May 28, 2015

2015 Fashion Trends

Since I follow fashion trends I want to start sharing what I've found for this year. You'd have to have your head stuck in the sand  not to notice all the crochet clothing in stores and on the internet. I'm so happy it has stayed and I hope all you new crocheters out there will not let it go away! Keep crocheting, my friends!

Crochet dress from Forever 21

My designer friend Natalia, of Outstanding  Crochet, wearing a
crochet maxi dress sbe made. It's it beautiful?

More Trends
I posted a few weeks ago about the 70's trands in fashion and this article is their take on the 60's and70's trends for Spring 2015. 
Here are some exerpts from the OBSERVER.
"The spring runways reaffirmed the old saying, “The apple does not fall far from the tree,” as styles spring back to classic ’60s and ’70s garb. Established designers, such as Michael Bastian, Tom Ford and Hedi Slimane, are rethinking the classic outfits their parents sported around the house and on family outings during those time periods. Not getting to actively participate in these trends the first time around, nostalgia has been an influence in their latest collections."
They go on to say, "don’t fall victim to the system: We are here to provide you with a real style guide." They talk about men's fashion but I'm going to focus here on women's fashions. If you are interested in men's fashions go to the Observer to see what they have to say on that.
More on their take:
I like what they say here about color! I am not fond of drab color tones. You'll see that in my newest book, Colorful Crochet Lace! I used mostly cool, medium colors, but did add some warm colors for people who prefer that color theme.

"Jumping back to the ’60s and ’70s means returning to a time of color awareness, giving simple but lively tones a reboot. Pantone named Marsala (think: pomegranate seeds) the 2015 Color of the Year, reminding us to look past our standard blues and blacks. Other out-of-the-box, but still in-the-workplace, hues include robin’s egg blue, caramel and olive.
On the more casual side, spring and summer collections have embraced the light and bright “hippie” colors. Birkenstocks and white Vans have been making their steady comeback for a while, and designers have thrown their support toward washed-out jeans. The staple goes great with white tees, just don’t get too into the hand-me-down vibe and start ripping them.
The spring runways featured strong ’60s and ’70s vibes, man. Models were decked out in groovy garb from head (middle-parts channeling Joni Mitchell or, more recently, stars from Solange Knowles to Reese Witherspoon to Jared Leto at the Oscars) to toe (chunky flatforms and sandals with bold heels in bolder colors that looked like they stepped off a Volkswagon bus).
If you are starting from the bottom — tight clothing budget with a family to support or even more confined college budget, he's what they have to say on that. Of course if you are a knitter or crocheter, make your own! There are many patterns out there!

 "Incorporate these trends from there: the bottom. The ’60s were all about mini skirts, so go for short and go for patterns or bold colors. Look for skirts that button up the front for a ’70s-esque look. Try this out in denim and a below-the-knee length for an on-trend look that almost too closely channels “19 Kids and Counting” vibes but also resonates with “It” girls like Diane Kruger.
Wide-leg pants are the new, easier to wear culottes (wide-leg “shorts” that have been “in fashion” for a couple of years but are honestly atrocious and reminiscent of 2000s rap music videos). The Annie Hall-esque vibes look great when paired with neutral tops but can also be taken in a more colorful route with printed or jewel tone blouses.
Two important aspects of any ’70s look are fringe and suede. Look for suede pencil skirts in bright colors or fringed skirts and tops that you can don at upcoming music festivals to make your dancing look better than it is — fringe benefits. If you’re up for the challenge, incorporate both with a western-inspired suede fringe jacket.
Finish off your look with oversized, preferably cat-eye, shades. Add a neck-scarf tied in a flight-attendant or French girl manner to channel the ’60s, or add a head scarf and let the ends hang over your shoulder to master the ’70s bombshell look — and cover up a bad hair day.

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Outstanding Crochet: My Designer Friend, Natalia Kononova

I am so excited that my dear friend, Natalia Kononova, talented crochet designer won 1st place in the design contest for the 2016 Crocbet Calender! She found out the good news on her birthday and you can read all about it at the link below. Congratulations Natalia! Your top design is beautiful and you deserve it!


                          Natalia wearing her beautiful design that won the contest

Outstanding Crochet: Nice surprise for my birthday - to be selected as ...: and receive $500 prize from  Kniting & Crochet Pattern-A-Day Calendars The winning design is a Swing Top pattern: The top is embe...

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Article About me from Amy Shelton of Crochetville

Even though this article by Amy Shelton was written years ago, I just now came across it. Thanks Amy!

Today is the fifth day of A Tour through Crochet Country. I hope you’ve had as much fun as Donna and I have had as we’ve checked each day to see what our designers have in store for us during National Crochet Month.
Let’s hop aboard the blog train and head on out to visit with Mary Jane Hall andLindsey Stephens.
[button link=”http://positivelycrochet.blogspot.com/”]Today’s Stop 1: Visit Mary Jane Hall[/button]
If you’re a crochet fashionista who loves to make and wear trendy crochet clothing and accessories, then you’re probably already familiar with Mary Jane Hall’s designs. Mary Jane has written two books jam-packed with incredible crochet fashions: Positively Crochet!: 50 Fashionable Projects and Inspirational Tips andCrochet That Fits: Shaped Fashions Without Increases or Decreases. Mary Jane has also had numerous patterns featured in other books and magazines.
Here are two of my favorite patterns of Mary Jane’s:
Little Black Dress
Little Black Dress
Crochet That Fits
Houndstooth Purse
Houndstooth Purse
Crochet Today! May/June 2009
My daughter is a college-student at the University of Alabama, where houndstooth is always seen in abundance, in remembrance of football coach Paul “Bear” Bryant’s famous houndstooth hat. One day soon I’ll be making this in black and white.
On a more personal level, her faith in God and spending time with her friends and family are the most important things in Mary Jane’s life. She also enjoys cooking, thrift-store shopping, hiking in the summer, and traveling. She’s also an accomplished singer, a skill of which I’m very envious. She even has a CD of contemporary music coming soon! She is one multi-talented lady!
Mary Jane also appeared on Season 3, Episode 8 of the Knit and Crochet Now TV show. Click here to watch!

Monday, April 6, 2015

The 70's Trend in Fashion 2015

As some already know, I am crazy about the 70's trends in fashion. In fact I have been blogging about this for several years now. It used to be when trends came in, they'd go out the next year but have you noticed how in the last 10 or so years a trend comes in and stays in? Since I love fashion from the 70's, when it was being shown on the runways, I was excited and reluctant at the same time, thinking it wouldn't catch on and it wouldn't last. But then year after year the past decade bits and pieces of the 70's trends keep cropping up.

How To Wear the 70's Trends without Looking like You're 
Wearing a Hippie Halloween Costume

I don't care if you're in your teens, 20's, 30's or 40's, you know all about the hippie phenomenon of the late 60's and early 70's. You're mom, grandmother or aunts may have lived back then and still have items of clothing they wore. Back in the 90's when my daughter was in college, this trend popped up on the scene and before I knew it she was asking to borrow my hats, vests, ponchos, beads, macrame and bags I still had in my closet. I don't want you to get the wrong idea. I was not a hippie, who was all about free love and anti establishment, and I certainly didn't live in a commune. But certain aspects of the hippie vibe started spilling over into main street fashion and I really took it on. That was absolutely a favorite season of my life as far as clothing I wore over the years. One reason is because it was ultra feminine to me and  represented the style of what I felt good in. There was just something about long flowing dresses (with smaller flowers that weren't gaudy like some colors of the 60's), wide brimmed hats, shoulder bags with fringe or tassels, long fringed vests and gladiator type sandels. Now what did I just describe to you? You've seen this look everywhere today.

Hippie vs the Bohemian Look of Today

Bohemian style or "Boho" as some call it, is a more refined chic look. Some even call it Hippie Chic, and I guess you could say I dressed Bohemian back then, but I had never heard that term until the last decade. The past several years a few fashion designers started putting these looks in their runway shows but it didn't seem to catch on as I had hoped and I was sure it would go away. But every year those 70's looks keep cropping up, which gave me hope. I can confidentially say that now it's become a very popular theme even among more well known designers I thought would never consider "boho". I believe some celebrities who have helped this trend along are the Olson twins and Nicole Richie, who have had their own clothing line. When the younger generation hops on the bandwagon, top designers have to take notice. It used to be many, many years ago that designers controlled the trends, and we just had fo go along with it whether we liked it or not, but now the fashion conscious public controls it and the designers have to go along with it if they want to stay in business. One single person can affect fashion trends and we saw that around 2004 when Jessica Simpson wore a beautiful crochet shawl on stage and everyone who saw it just had to have one! Thats when the "crochet craze" began its ressurection and I promise you, if it were not for that one shawl she wore on stage, I would not be designing today. I started desigoing my own caplets and ponchos and the rest is history!

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Free Sock Pattern

Beginner Crochet Sock Pattern
I am finally finished with the Easy Sock Pattern I promised you all on my featured day of the designer blog tour. Thank you for being patient with me on this. There was much more involved in writing it up than I originally anticipated, since I decided to go ahead and write up the pattern for men's sizes also. The sock pattern I have written is for women's sizes 4-12 (shoe size)  and men's shoe sizes 6-14. There are several pages to this pattern because I wanted to explain my Graduated Stitch Method of making shaped garments and accessories without using increases or decreases. I talk about how I introduced this method in Crochet That Fits and give lots of tips and have several photos as well, making the pattern easy to undrstand. Don't allow the number of pages to scare you! This is a beginner pattern and I wanted to be clear on the instructions which is why it took so long to finish it up besides the fact I am very busy with other things in my life. Please let me know what you think, as I did not have a pattern tester for this sock. Even though this is the first I have ever designed a crochet sock, I think it will be pretty awesome for those who have always thought socks would be way too difficult to do.  I'm excited to hear your feedback and by all means please post a photo of your finished socks on Ravelry and connect to me as the designer.
Gorgeous Silk Yarn - Panda Silk by Crystal Palace

I will also remind everyone that I am giving you permission to make and sell your finished product, but if you do sell anything of mine on etsy, craftsy, ebay, revelry, your blog, or any other place, you need to mention my name as the designer, so I will get the credit. Mentioning my name helps to promote me and my designs/books, therefore helping my income. There are people at the moment selling projects from my designs and have not mentioned my name, which makes it look like they are the designer. This is hurtful and just not right.

Also, remember that it is illegal to post my written pattern on the internet, so please be mindful of this. People have found my entire written patterns that are in my books, posted on websites in other countries and the publisher has had to contact them. This takes away sales from the book and has been a problem for other designers as well.

Thank you all for understanding and for being patient!
The downloadable pattern in PDF form is here.